A huge shout-out and THANKS to Jeff and Layne for taking care of our possum issues so quickly. My wife and I had company over a few weeks ago and low and behold, a possum begins climbing down our wisteria tree a few feet away. After we got the women calmed down, we quickly decided to go inside. The next morning I called Wild Things and Layne was at our house in a few minutes. Oh my gosh…over the next 10 days, we captured 6 possums, all siblings. Who knows what happened to the mama, but she was definitely gone. I had an entire family of possums living under my deck and did not even know it. The team of Jeff and Layne are the best. Don’t waste anymore of your time searching the web for other animal removal experts. Wild Things Wildlife Removal is definitely your stopping point. There is no doubt in my mind that Jeff and Layne will take care of whatever needs to be done.

Bob Milan, Franklin, TN

We realized on a Sunday afternoon that we had some type of critter digging in our yard. Jeff Meltzer responded back to us the same day and was even able to let us know we had a mole problem from the pictures we sent. He was professional, knowledgeable, and prompt coming out to our property. He also kept us updated on the progress the entire time with the traps he set. He even gave us suggestions on what we can do to hopefully keep moles out of our yard in the future. I would highly recommend him for mole extermination or any other wildlife removal needs!

Sarah Nolan, Franklin, TN

I’ve lived in many major cities with lots of people and concrete for most of my life. I needed some space so I moved to the woods of Leiper’s Fork. The space and privacy is very nice but it’s a whole new critter filled world out here. The other day as I was getting into my car I kicked something. I looked down and saw that I had a copperhead snake attached to my shoe. I am a large man who turned into a tiny baby very quickly and refused to go back into my garage. I did a very fast search online and found Wild Things and Jeff. After quickly reading a billion excellent reviews, I decided to see if Jeff could come help me. His communication was great and we were all set up for him to come out to my house very quickly. He rang my doorbell with his business card in his hand and ready to go. My dogs were going nuts because they knew someone new was in the house. They can be not so friendly to new people at times, but they met Jeff and were waggy tailed and playing instantly. Dogs know good people. After meeting everyone Jeff went out and inspected every building on my property. I needed a professional to tell me that there were no more copperheads, especially under my house. He could have come back to the door and told me that he caught 50 snakes and I would have happily paid to have them removed. Instead, he gave me the all clear which made me feel a lot better and also showed me how honest Jeff is. I feel much better now that I know Jeff has given me the all clear and even did work to deter them from coming back inside in the future. Jeff’s info is saved in my phone and I will call him immediately in the future if/when some other critter decides to visit. Wild Things and Jeff are highly recommended by me.

Robert Bryar, Leiper's Fork

From the moment Jeff’s smiling face appears on the scene, you know you’re in good hands.

Jeff assessed our mole situation, quickly developed a plan at a reasonable fee, and was in regular communication throughout the process. Jeff is a stand-up guy who knows his stuff and couldn’t be easier to work with.

Jason Garrett, Nashville, TN

Jeff is a true professional. He was at our house almost everyday for 3 weeks trying to get rid of over 10 squirrels entering our attic from a mile radius. He communicated with the HOA in terms of what repairs needed to be done to prevent entry. He set traps, refreshed the bait, moved traps, even tried different methods, even on weekends. When squirrels invaded the ground floor HVAC closet with their claws scratching through the door and I panicked, Jeff responded immediately to my panicked texts adequately and professionally. He is a good, kind man, and my 3 year old son loved him. Our family was actually very sad to have our job done because it meant “Mr. Jeff” would not be coming over anymore. I highly recommend Jeff and his son at Wild Things Wildlife Removal Service. They will get the job done, and they remain good, fair people while doing so.

Please feel free to enter this, and if you need me to do it myself, if you can let me know where to navigate on your website, I would be happy to post it.
Thank you again so much, and I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving,

Bansal Family, Nashville, TN

This past week our company was overrun by skunks. I was able to contact Jeff Meltzer with Wild Things Wildlife Removal. Jeff was very professional and experienced in this field. He took over and in three days he had captured the skunks and eased the minds of our employees. Great job and will recommend to the highest

APCOM State Industries, Avada Theme

On a Sunday morning, our dog cornered a raccoon in the dog house on our deck. We had seen the animal wandering around our yard during daylight hours the day before, and we were concerned it was sick. We called Jeff, and he came out to our house immediately. He was able to determine that the raccoon did have distemper and he put the animal down, removed it and cleaned the dog house. He was very professional and very responsive, especially considering it was a Sunday. We believe that if Jeff had not come out, our dog might have been attacked by the sick animal, so we are very grateful. We highly recommend Jeff.

Anne Carter, Nashville, TN

I had an armadillo doing a lot of damage to my landscaping. Jeff was able to take care of the problem in a timely and professional manner. He did exactly what he said he would do and made sure to communicate with me throughout the job. Very pleased.

Michael Comstock, Brentwood, TN

Jeff Meltzer removed multiple moles from my yard. He came out prior to beginning service, clearly explaining exactly what he would do, what it would cost and providing a mutually agreed start date. He showed up when he said he would and communicated with me regularly during the process. After all the moles were eliminated, he rolled the entire lawn to smooth out all the tunnels. My yard looks amazing. I would definitely use him again.

Susan Brown, Murfreesboro, TN

Our family had an urgent situation under our house when a plumber spotted what he thought could be a poisonous snake. I was very concerned and was fortunate to get in touch with Jeff right away. He was incredibly prompt with a call back and professional with his knowledge and upfront information. I told my husband that we had found the right guy to help us out. Upon his punctual arrival to our home, he was courteous, thorough, and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. After his assessment and evaluation, we were confident that the job had been taken care of completely. If we ever need help in that area again, we know exactly who to call. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff to my family and friends.

Martha Ann Pratt, Franklin, TN

In the past, Jeff has successfully removed moles from our yard and squirrels from my friends chimney. Unfortunately, we had more pressing pest issues over Christmas break when 2 skunks decided to make our crawl space there home. Jeff and his son were at our house almost everyday for a week trying to trap the skunks that appeared to be sick. We have a German Shepherd and 3 young children that love to play in the backyard. The last think I wanted was for them to get sprayed or worse, bitten by the skunks. Jeff was able to change tactics and successfully trap both animals before they could cause anymore harm. In addition, he was able to seal off the entry area to our crawl space to ensure we didn’t have additional critters move in later. I highly recommend Jeff and his son at Wild Things Wildlife Removal Service. They are professional, knowledgeable and they get the job done. I couldn’t be happier with Jeff or the results!

Jim WIlliams, Franklin, TN

I manage a small residential property in Franklin and we had been getting reports of a skunk on property. I called Jeff and came out the same day. He explained exactly what he would do to humanely trap the skunk and relocated it. His pricing is reasonable and his customer service was excellent. By the second night the skunk was trapped and he came out quickly to retrieve it. I highly recommend Wild Things to anyone in need of wildlife removal.

Sussex Downs Apartments, Franklin, TN
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