Bat Removal

When bats give birth their offspring are called pups.  The baby bats, or pups, are unable to fly for at least one to two months.  Bats drink milk from their mother just like other mammals.  In Tennessee bats are protected and have a blackout period between April 15th and August 15th where we cannot remove them from a structure.  This is to allow these baby bats to wean off of their mother and mature to the point of being able to fly so we can safely remove the entire colony.  Removing bats from an attic or tile roof can only be completed with exclusions, valves and/or netting.  Trapping bats and poisoning bats is not allowed and can come with serious fines.  Wild Things Wildlife Removal will safely remove the bats out of the attic, roof, home, or building following all state and federal guidelines.

Attic Restoration

We also specialize in attic and crawl space restoration.

Restoring the Damage From Your Unwanted Critter

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Dead Animal Removal

If you see it or smell it, we will help find it and remove it.

We come and remove the dead animal from the premise.

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Commercial Services

You keep the business going and let us remove the wildlife.

We also service businesses, housing complexes, and many other non-residential environments

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Prevention Services

Did you know that prevention is the key to keeping the critter away?

We will perfuming physical prevention and exclusion services for your home or business.

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What Client’s Say About Our Various Services

I was very pleased with the service and professionalism at Wild Things. I actually saw a skunk burrow under my air conditioning unit one night. The next day, Jeff came out, checked out my whole property including the crawl space to ensure he had not invaded elsewhere. I agreed to a reasonable price to have it trapped and relocated. Jeff set out traps and, for three days, called me before I could call him each morning for an update. Ultimately, we determined that the skunk was only passing through and never took up residence in my AC unit. Who knew? Jeff voluntarily demanded to give me a partial refund since we assumed the skunk was living in the AC when he wasn’t. A stand-up, honest, guy.  My only regret is that Wild Things doesn’t do plumbing, electric, and cable installation. Otherwise, they’d get all my business.

Michael Fox, Franklin, TN