Snake Removal

Wild Things Wildlife Removal removes both venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes. We have the fastest response times in the industry. Even though we are fast, if the snake has disappeared by the we get there we can set up traps to get the snakes. Snake trapping is very effective to reduce the snake population in your yard. Our snake control involves a thorough inspection of the property, looking for eggs, babies and adults. When we find the snake nest we will remove the snake nest and any snake babies with it. If the snake gets in the house we will find the snake and get the snake out of the house.

Snakes are difficult to identify by comparing pictures. There are many snakes that mimic other snakes, so leave snake identification up to a professional snake trapper. Wild Things Wildlife Removal snake trapper will inspect the property for snakes, catch the snakes and remove the snake nests in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and any of the surrounding Nashville Tennessee areas.

Snake removal and snake control. Snakes in the attic. Scratching in the attic.

Attic Restoration

We also specialize in attic and crawl space restoration.

Restoring the Damage From Your Unwanted Critter

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Dead Animal Removal

If you see it or smell it, we will help find it and remove it.

We come and remove the dead animal from the premise.

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Commercial Services

You keep the business going and let us remove the wildlife.

We also service businesses, housing complexes, and many other non-residential environments

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Prevention Services

Did you know that prevention is the key to keeping the critter away?

We will perfuming physical prevention and exclusion services for your home or business.

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What Client’s Say About Our Various Services

We have had an ongoing problem in our yard with moles and finally decided enough was enough! We had tried EVERYTHING on our own to rid of them and were never successful…and if we thought we were, a week later they would be back. They are the most destructive animals and we were at war with them, unfortunately they kept winning.  I started my search for a mole removal service and came across Wild Things Wildlife Removal Services. After reading all of the positive feedback and meeting Jeff and Layne, I knew they were the guys for the job and hired them on the spot.

They far exceeded my expectations and removed 4 moles from the yard in just over a week! They strategically set 17 traps all through the yard and came by every couple days to check them. Jeff told me our moles had gone to Harvard after the first check, per they were going around the traps! Not to worry though, he was going to get them! He moved things around and the next check they had caught 2! We then got 2 more and Jeff was certain we had them all! My yard is finally MOLE FREE and I am no longer sinking down in mole tracks when I am outside!

I was more than pleased with their service and highly recommend Jeff and Layne! Professional, committed, successful, and trustworthy…can’t ask for more!!

Kaly Torres, Nashville, TN