Squirrel Removal

Just like rats and mice, squirrels are mammals of the order Rodentia. These rodents all have teeth that continuously grow unless filed down. That is why if you have squirrels, rats or mice in your attic, you hear scratching noises. Scratching noises in the attic is usually from rodents gnawing on the wood or drywall in the attic. When squirrels nest in the attic the squirrels need to be removed to prevent further damage. Wild Things Wildlife Removal will humanely trap the squirrels from the attic and relocate them to one of our properties.

Because of the squirrels need to file their teeth, they also do damage to the outside of the home or business. Squirrels chew on the fascia board, siding, soffit, shingles and roof decking. We have also had customers get squirrels in their vehicle engine compartment and chew wires. We provide squirrel control in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas of Nashville, TN.

Squirrel removal and squirrel control. Squirrels in the attic. Scratching in the attic.

Attic Restoration

We also specialize in attic and crawl space restoration.

Restoring the Damage From Your Unwanted Critter

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Dead Animal Removal

If you see it or smell it, we will help find it and remove it.

We come and remove the dead animal from the premise.

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Commercial Services

You keep the business going and let us remove the wildlife.

We also service businesses, housing complexes, and many other non-residential environments

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Prevention Services

Did you know that prevention is the key to keeping the critter away?

We will perfuming physical prevention and exclusion services for your home or business.

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What Client’s Say About Our Various Services

My parents were in town and had their dog in tow. While visiting, their dog would not leave our fireplace. Then we started to hear the noises like there was something inside of the fireplace. Man, I was scared to death. I was hoping it would make its’ way out, but the next day I continued to hear the noises. I guessed the culprit was a squirrel but I was afraid to even get close to the fireplace to inspect for myself. Hurriedly, I Googled “I have a squirrel stuck in my fireplace Franklin Tennessee” and Jeff’s business came up. I called and he was here in about half an hour. He texted several times while in route to give me his ETA status. He was very friendly and was so very personable. The way that he explained the habits of squirrels and other animals was very helpful for me. Jeff made very good suggestions on tree trimming and other things I needed to do to cut down on the problem (you see, I had also been hearing them in my attic). Jeff was able to find the squirrel who had made his way down my chimney and was stuck behind a grate that could only be cut open. He gave me the options, and we decided to cut the grate to free the squirrel. He cut the grate and I hid up the stairs watching like it was a movie. Finally, the little guy came out and went outside. Jeff put the grate back and you could never even tell it was cut. He will be back in a day or two to repair the holes they’ve made to get into my attic. He has set traps to relocate the squirrels who’ve been playing house in my attic and he’s been out each day to pick them up and set new traps. Overall, his prices are beyond fair, he is super timely, personable, and leaves you with the knowledge you need to prevent the issues you are having in the future.

Leigh Anne Cunningham, Franklin, TN