Inspection Service


Selling your home in today’s highly competitive real estate market can be quite a challenge. You need every possible advantage to make your home stand out. A home inspection only goes so far to invoke trust in a buyer.  With a wildlife inspection, you show the next level of confidence in your property.

Wildlife removal and damage restoration are often more expensive than normal home repairs.  A wildlife inspection is a key selling point your agent can use in the selling process. If your property does indeed have animal problems, our professions can conduct exclusion and animal control.

We will also do home inspections for new home buyers.  Before you buy a home, make sure that you do not have a pest animal problem.

What We Do:

Inspection of the Property
If a problem is discovered, it is imperative to access any damage, if young animals are also present, and immediately determine what action to take. Restoration of your property in a safe and permanent way is now the most important consideration.

Collecting the Facts and Consider the Options
Once the problem has been identified, taking action to solve & rid your self of the animals is the next step. Wildlife exclusion, eco-friendly repellents,  and habitat modification are all possible, humane strategies. Will the action solve the problem or merely address the symptoms? The solution needs to address the underlying cause of the problem to be effective over the long-term.

Written Report

Whether we find animal control issues or give you home or property a clean bill of health, you will receive a written report from a state certified wildlife removal agent detailing our findings. This can be used for home valuation, as a selling tool, or just kept for your own peace of mind. Give us a call today to learn more about this service.

Attic Restoration

We also specialize in attic and crawl space restoration.

Restoring the Damage From Your Unwanted Critter

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Dead Animal Removal

If you see it or smell it, we will help find it and remove it.

We come and remove the dead animal from the premise.

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Commercial Services

You keep the business going and let us remove the wildlife.

We also service businesses, housing complexes, and many other non-residential environments

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Prevention Services

Did you know that prevention is the key to keeping the critter away?

We will perfuming physical prevention and exclusion services for your home or business.

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What Client’s Say About Our Various Services

My wife came home one afternoon to the overpowering smell of skunk in the house. Using game cameras, we saw a skunk and opossum coming out from under our house at the HVAC unit on the same night! I called Jeff and he came to set out traps. We caught a opossum after a couple of nights and Jeff determined no other animals were under the house. He sealed off the entry point and removed the animal waste from under the house.

A few weeks later one of the enterprising animals (we never determined which) made another way under the HVAC. Jeff came out the day I called to investigate. Since he was leaving town the next day, Layne arranged to come close off the new entry point. There have been no more animals under our house since Layne was out.

Jeff and Layne know what they are doing and are professional in how they go about doing it. Beyond that, they are high-character guys that do what they say and take great pride in a job done right. I recommend them highly and without reservation to anyone needing this service.

Brian Johnson, Franklin, TN