Skunk Removal

Something stinks about skunks, which is why we offer prompt skunk removal from your property when a skunk shows up.

Your priority is to get rid of your skunk problem, and to do that, you should trap and remove the skunk immediately. But because skunks spray in self defense, unless you have expertise in dealing with skunks, it is unwise to solve your skunk problem yourself. We bring 30 years of wildlife removal expertise to the table and can take care of your skunk problem quickly for you.

What causes a Skunk Problem?

In case you’re curious, skunks are attracted to areas with small animals or, more precisely, areas that smell like they have small animals, which means, if you have pet food outside, or a grill, you could attract a skunk. For more than you want to know about skunks, what attracts them, how they spray, check out this interesting skunk article.

In the meantime, if you are visited by a skunk, the best advice is to stay away from it. They aren’t dangerous, but they spray in self defense, which is not an enjoyable experience. Skunks spray to mark their territory too, so when a skunk moves in, you might first notice the smell.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

You will find all kinds of “solutions” to skunks on line. Be careful what you trust. In fact, I suggest you skip googling skunks and just think about 2 things:

  1. How to resolve your short term skunk removal problem.

  2. How to solve your skunk problem in the long term.

For your short term skunk removal problem, the best solution – and most humane approach – is to trap and relocate the skunk. This removes your immediate problem and will calm your family down.

In the long term, you have to address the root cause of your skunk problem, or you will invite more skunks back. Clean your grill, move your pet food indoors, and make your home skunk free. Most importantly, skunks love to be under your HVAC unit. About 85% of my skunk trapping to remove skunks is done in this area.

If we find a skunk under your HVAC unit, we will implement a skunk prevention measure to 100% guarantee that no skunk will ever take up residence there again, which most likely means that you will not have to worry about a skunk problem ever again.

Attic Restoration

We also specialize in attic and crawl space restoration.

Restoring the Damage From Your Unwanted Critter

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Dead Animal Removal

If you see it or smell it, we will help find it and remove it.

We come and remove the dead animal from the premise.

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Commercial Services

You keep the business going and let us remove the wildlife.

We also service businesses, housing complexes, and many other non-residential environments

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Prevention Services

Did you know that prevention is the key to keeping the critter away?

We will perfuming physical prevention and exclusion services for your home or business.

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