Quickly and Humanely Remove Wildlife

Your wildlife removal need must be solved expertly, humanely, and quickly. We specialize in wildlife removal in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, TN and surrounding areas.


We have years of wildlife removal experience with trapping moles, raccoons, squirrels, oppossums, snakes, skunks, and other animals such as foxes, coyotes, bobcats, ferral cats, birds, bats, and more.


Wild Things Wildlife Removal Service, LLC is a humane animal removal company with an emphasis on timeliness and family safety (watch our videos of us humanely trapping and removing wildlife). Our service is:

-On time



-Both family owned and family oriented

-Chemical free ( no poision is ever used)

-Considerate of humane animal relocation whenever possible


Call me at 615-481-6807 or send me a note explaining your wildlife removal need, jeff@wildthingswildliferemoval.com, and let’s get started solving it today.

Jeff discusses wildlife removal during skunk mating season on NewsChannel 5